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Steeple Global Business Consultants

Business Consulting & Management Services

We help transform your business idea into reality, set up the new business for you and help manage the business until maturity.
From writing your initial Business Plan through to the implementation of your business' growth strategy, our team will work with you all the way to ensure you realize your business goals

Business Process Set Up

Business Turn-Around Services: Restructuring of Struggling & Ailing Businesses

Businesses struggle & bring lots of pain and frustration to their owners especially when you don't not have the right people, the right processes and maybe the right products. This does not have to be your experience.
We have successfully restructured struggling wholesale & retail businesses in diverse industries including supermarkets, malls, pharmaceutical organizations and the hospitality industry. These businesses are now making consistently higher turnover & profits

Steeple Global Training

Human Resources Management Services

The right people are the most valuable assets of any organization. We provide end-to-end HR Management services to our numerous clients including recruitment, train & supply services, corporate training.
Our training modules cut across all cadre of roles & functions because we believe a system is as good as the prevalent knowledge and skills possessed.

Practical concepts covered in our trainings include Retail Operations Management, Customer Relationship Management, Leading Organizations & Teams, Procurement Management, Quickbooks ERP(Pos & Financials) and MetroPos ERP among others.

“We got very professional help from the Steeple team. Our processes, controls and customer satisfaction rate has improved by more than 95% . Thanks Steeple Global”

Mag-Tee Ventures

Mrs Magdalene Tom


We are a Business & Management Consulting company

As business & management consultants, we have more than a decade of experience in giving practical solutions to the many business challenges faced by our SME clients in diverse industries in Nigeria. 


Our solutions address such issues as getting the right people with adequate skills and experience to work for you, helping to set up your new business right from the idea stage to when it becomes a real business and helping to turn-around your struggling business into a profitable one. We also help you manage your staff and your processes to give you space to focus on your business strategy & growth.


Our clients cut across various sectors like supermarkets & malls, hotels, lounges & fast food organizations, pharmaceutical organizations, other retail & wholesale organizations in the Fast Moving Consumers Goods(FMCGs), hospitality & tourism sectors.

Our simple and straight-forward solutions always resolves the problem and on time

Steeple Global Services


  • Are you worried about how to convert your idea into a business but don’t know how?
  • Or is your existing business giving stress and sleepless nights due to losses & mistakes or missed opportunities? 
  • Are you looking for the right people to hire or is your team not delivering according to your expectations?
  • Are you thinking of expansion or going into new business/market but don’t know how?