How to Get Your Dream Job and Keep It (Part 1)

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There are jobs everywhere and thousands of them out there, the problem is that many job seekers do not know how to locate and actually get the very exact jobs they need! To get a job, you may need to be referred or recommended by someone to someone or an organization; or you may need to submit a solicited or unsolicited application to your organization of choice for possible employment. Either way, you need the strategies laid out in this post to help you succeed.

Many candidates easily accept the now and ever so common cliché that “there are no jobs anywhere” thrown around by employers, parents and some influential persons in their circles or communities. Truth is, there are jobs, and lots of them everywhere; I mean good well-paying jobs! I know by now you are asking yourself where the jobs are? Right? Ok, read further.

You see, job seeking and (getting) is a “Job” that requires preparation! Am talking about methodical, organized, focused, emotional and psychological preparation to get you the very exact job you so desire!

Getting a job starts with preparation and as consultants involved in recruiting, training and developing manpower for big and small organizations, we often have many job vacancies available from our clients but getting ready, capable and relevantly qualified candidates to connect to these available jobs is always the challenge! Everywhere you go, employers complain that there are no competent persons to do the jobs while the job seekers complain that there are no jobs to do. The search game continues endlessly.

This is why we decided to publish this short post as a way to help applicants connect with the ever increasing job opportunities especially in the SME sector in Nigeria and Africa. This article aims to expose job seekers to the strategies they should adopt to easily get the job they desire regardless of where they are on the job search be continued

Steeple Global Services(  is a Business and Management Consulting firm based in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State. Nigeria! We set up new businesses(like Malls, Supermarkets, Lounges & hospitality organizations, Pharmacies etc) and restructure existing ailing & struggling businesses into profit making ventures. We also partner with business owners to manage their organizations for them especially if they are absent by reason of still being in active employment or out of their business locations). Additionally Steeple Global provides full spectrum Human Resources services including recruitment, Train & Supply Services to organizations, Career Training & Development courses to employees and persons who want to develop themselves in employability, business and other entrepreneurial skills. We also recruit, train and manage(outsource} employees for organizations and businesses through our business and management consulting firm ) based in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria.

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