How to Get Your Dream Job and Keep It Until You Change It Yourself……2!


Getting a job is all about your ability to influence your would-be employer to see the utmost need to have you on his/her team on the basis of the value you can and will add to their organization.

The steps to take to ensure you get your desired job include:

  1. Develop a Competency Based CV

Your CV is your marketing and advertisement document. It summarily tells a prospective employer who you are, what you had done previously and what you can do. It is the document that communicates your value and worth to a would-be employer; so it must be clear, concise and straight to the point. Your CV must communicate your abilities and achievements in such a way that it attracts and sustains an employer’s attention and his/her desire to have you on his team.

What recruiters and HR organizations/departments look for are people who can create value or add value to the company’s top-lines (Sales) and bottom-lines (Profits), so the days of “one CV fits all jobs are over”! Today, recruiters and employers seek people who know how to meet expectations and those who know how to meet expectations develop competency-based CVs.

Competency-based CVs are CVs that are developed with your desired job in mind. This type of CV projects your skills and innate abilities and your natural and professional competencies and worth. That is why it is important to make learning and continuous improvement a lifelong venture to help you develop relevant skills in many areas.

A well developed and designed CV will sure get you through the selection door into the interview phase. Every effort here is worth its salt!

  • Search for the EXACT Job that You Need!

Jobs are available but scarce! Now, that sounds tautological but is not. That jobs are available does not mean that they are low hanging fruits, you have to still search painstakingly for the one you want because the unemployment market appears over-supplied though this is far from true (there is still a huge shortage of skilled and qualified persons

To get your desired job therefore, you need to search and commit time and effort to it. You also must search for the job in the right places. You need to visit job sites,company websites, Job Boards and online job sites and sometimes, listen to the news on radio or TV. Many job seekers do not commit enough time and effort to their job search adventure. Many short-circuit and underrate themselves while some others feel they have no “connections” and so, cannot get the jobs! This is a fallacy!

Network Mining

Someone once said, your net-worth is in your network, how true! Network Mining involves your sitting down to list the people you know, where they are; how they can help with referrals etc.

Network Mining will help you draw insight from the strength and relevance of your circle of friends, relatives, former colleagues, professional colleagues, classmates or course mates. Applying insights gleaned from this activity often results in easy employment. Network Mining is leveraging your network of friends and acquaintances….to be continued

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