How to Get Your Dream Job and Keep It Until You Change It Yourself……3!

  1. Apply for the Job

Jobs can be gotten through different ways today especially in this age of technology and AI. Many recruiters and employers will require that you submit your CV and Application Letter to an e-recruitment portal, an email address or other stated media. Other HR organizations now use HR Management Solutions or Systems to manage application, selection, hiring, engagement, talent development and retention processes. A third strategy for engagement is through referral which happens to own more than 60% of the recruitment and employment activities (this is why it is extremely important to cultivate and maintain good relationships with people you come across with). Never burn the bridges!

For advertised jobs, it is important to follow the Application Submission processes and instructions carefully and in details

For non-advertised jobs, try and hand over your CV to the appropriate person and ensure you do follow-ups to ensure your application gets to the hiring manager.

  • Prepare for the Interview

Preparing for an interview has a lot to do with the extent of research and study you carry out in respect of:

  • the Skills you stated that you have in your CV and
  • the company you intend to work in
  • How you prepare for interview affects your outcome in most cases.
  • How much you prepare determines how confident and successful you will be in the interview.

From our experience as consultants, confidence, boldness, knowledge and attitude determine the success or failure of interviewees during interview sessions. People with confidence and positive disposition almost always win the day! Highly knowledgeable but less confident candidates end up as probabilities most times. Recruiters and HR Managers easily hire people who can socialize, display broad and firm knowledge of different aspects of life and can win businesses for the organization.

You must prepare for an interview both:

  1. When you have not been invited for an interview and
  2. When you are invited for an interview.


Preparing for an interview before you are invited for one will give you ample time to plan, study and develop your skills in many areas, at your own pace. This implies that you must read and research daily about currents thoughts, facts and figures affecting, changing or reshaping your field or industry of interest. You may need to set up mock interviews for yourself to help you gain confidence.

When preparing for an interview, ensure you do the following:

  • Go through every material or document you submitted to the employer or recruiter during the job search process to ensure there is consistency between what you submitted and what is available or prepare answers for your inconsistencies.
  • Read and reread information about the vacancy, job description, person requirements and other requirements. Make sure you ask yourself questions based on your scrutiny of the jobs requirements and answer them. This will help you build confidence and not get caught unawares by any unexpected question during the interview.
  • Research the company and its industry more thoroughly. This will surely give you great advantage and may possibly stand you out among other interviewees.
  • Re-check your CV and other credentials; print them out or photocopy them and put them in the file that you will take to the interview.
  • To help you, ensure that a soft copy of your CV is always stored in your phone, email address or Flash Drive.
  • Attend the Interview

The only way to get the job you so desire is to attend the interview if and when invited. Recruiters usually look out for certain qualities and traits in applicants from the moment they arrive the interview venue. Ensure you dress smart for the interview; someone once said “you do not have a second chance to make a good first impression”. To make a good first impression therefore, you must do the following:

  • Dress smart(you do not need to dress expensively even if you can afford it)
  • Arrive early at the venue
  • Go through the vacancy checklist and job requirements again to make sure you have covered all possible grounds
  • Arrive early for the interview and take note of the organization’s surroundings, name or department inscriptions, other write ups etc. Some organizations will have their Goals, Mission and Vision Statements boldly written on walls or on notice boards. Take note of this, it may help you get the job
  • Take more than a cursory or careless look at the company e.g. Mission and Vision Statements, the Company’s Values etc. Take your time to look through and note important facts about the company; be observant and pay attention to details around the company (if the interview venue is where your would-be employer is). This may help you.
  • Note the names of the panel members immediately you are ushered into the hall or once they introduce themselves
  • Relax, take a deep breath and relax; remember this is just going to be a discussion, so make up your mind to enjoy it!
  • Stop answering every question with “Thank you very much for that question”. When you are asked a question, go straight to the point to answer the question and don’t repeat the question to the person asking you.
  • Prepare at least one or two questions that you will ask the recruiter or HR Manager after they are done asking you theirs. This will give them the impression that you are confident. Please let the question be a sound question and not just a question to ask because you just want to ask a question!

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