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About Us

We are business & management consultants with more than a decade of experience in giving practical solutions to the many business challenges faced by SMEs in diverse industries in Nigeria. Our solutions address such issues as getting the right people with adequate skills and experience to work for our clients, helping to set up new businesses from the idea stage to when it becomes a real business and helping to turn-around struggling & ailing businesses into a profitable ones. We also help our clients to manage their employees & processes to give them the opportunity to focus on their business strategies & growth. Our clients cut across various sectors like supermarkets & malls, hotels, lounges & fast food organizations, pharmaceutical organizations, other retail & wholesale organizations in the Fast Moving Consumers Goods(FMCGs), hospitality & tourism sectors. We offer simple and straight-forward solutions to resolve complicated business problem(s) and on time too

Steeple Global Business Training

Our Mission

To develop & consistently deploy the most modern &  practical business solutions that creates the most value for all aspects of our customers’ businesses 

Our Values

We strive to achieve agreed-upon targets  for our clients no matter the challenge while having our customers; best interests at heart