Vacancies for Various Positions for Employment in a large Supermarket/Eatery in Abak

Steeple Global is Recruiting!

Steeple Global Services is currently looking to recruit qualified candidates for various job opportunities in a large retail & wholesale business located in Abak Akwa Ibom State.

I once read a book titled “Getting is a Job is a Job” and that book made a big impression on me till now. Fact is, many suitable job applicants pay full attention to those minute details that could give them their dream jobs, many are simply never ready to take up opportunities that may show up without notice. For example, can you produce and submit your CV at short notice? Do you have your CV on your phone such that you can easily submit it to any would-be employer? Just how prepared are you for opportunities in life?

We want you to be prepared for this job opportunity if you are looking for a job in a place that you will be proud of! Visit to sign up to receive publication of vacancies from Monday 15th August 2022.

Who do We Need?

We will be looking to hire large numbers of young, intelligent and experienced persons (graduates with Masters degrees, Bsc, HND,OND,SSCE,ICAN,ANAN etc) into various positions in a soon-to-open organization in Abak,Akwa Ibom State. The company is located in the heart of Abak town and transportation from Uyo to Abak is easy. The organization in reference has a Supermarket and Eatery(Fast Food) and many other businesses within the group! Visit to sign up and receive live updates of the opportunities and application instructions.

We will be needing the following persons:






Sales Assistants

Marketers and Merchandizers

Data Entry Officers

Confirmation Officers

Operations Officers

Security Officers


Where are these Job opportunities located?

If you are good, experienced and intelligent and would love to work in Abak, then visit our blog to sign up to receive notifications of these jobs as we publish them from Monday 15th August 2022.

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    1. Hello Emmanuel,
      Thanks for your interest to work with us. Please subscribe to this page and watch out for various job vacancy positions that will be published here from Monday 15th August 2022

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